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We will have MONTHLY tuition auto debit for your convenience. Each term will run for 3 months (must notify the front desk and complete stop auto form by the 15th of the month in order to stop billing for the upcoming month). All billing for Auto-Enroll will be the 28th of each preceding month.

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We believe that we offer the finest children’s programming and facilities in Northern Illinois. We also know that we cannot always offer exactly what every child needs at every stage of his/her development on the first try. That is why we are happy to offer a $20.00 trial class and if you enroll that same day of the trial, the $20.00 fee gets applied to your registration!

Please note that if you are NEW to Spring Hill Gymnastics, there is a Yearly membership fee that WILL be added to your balance. Membership Fee: Individual (1 Child) $35.00 Family (2 or More Children) $50.00

Preschool & Kinder Classes

As parents and teachers, it is essential to remember, there is no better age to form positive learning attitudes than the preschool years. We strongly believe the learning attitudes your child acquires during his/her preschool years at Spring Hill Gymnastics have more bearing on personal success than his/her secondary education. Our preschool programs are designed to help your child develop basic motor skills, self confidence, and body awareness, all while experiencing FUN!!!


Twinkling Stars Ages 14 mo. to 3 years with parent!

What great fun to learn beside your developing child! This 45 minute class focuses on developing your child’s hand-eye coordination, balance, movement and strength. As your child learns and explores, the parent’s hands on to the learning experience. Our instructors will teach parents proper spotting techniques for skills. The more interaction and motivation from the parent, the more the child will gain from the class. Some basic skills covered are hopping, swinging, rolling, and climbing. Creating the learning attitude and the willingness to try new things, through exploration and socialization, is a primary goal in this class!

Super Stars: Ages 3 to 5 years No parents needed here!

Your child learns basic gymnastics skills on his/her own! This 45 minute class focuses on hand-eye coordination, balance and strength taught with positive reinforcement. Gymnastics skills and general motor skills, as well as socialization, taking turns and getting along with peers are stressed! Skills are taught on all events, including our Tumble-Trac trampoline and in-ground foam filled pit. Superstars classes are designed to be high-energy, and introduce the concept of independent stations where the child safely practices skills on his/her own.


Kinder Flippers: Ages 5 to 6 years

In this 60-minute class, children continue learning the basic concepts from Super Stars. This class advances into more “skill oriented” activities. This level also emphasizes the importance of warm-up and stretching. The specific names of skills and body positions are also emphasized to the gymnasts.

What to Wear

Most girls wear a leotard, or a t-shirt and active wear shorts, all of which you can find in our Pro Shop. Boys wear active wear shorts and a t-shirt. Bare feet are best, as it is difficult to climb some of our “mountains” and other stations with socks (as they slip). Hair should be pulled back for safety, since long hair can interfere and be dangerous. Please no gum or jewelry.

Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Levels 1-4

Our recreational program is based on the USAG Jr. Olympic standards as well as over 20 years of gymnastics experience! Our classes are designed to provide students with a goal-oriented, non-competitive curriculum consisting of progressive skills, including strength and flexibility. Most students generally move-up to the next level after 8 to 12 months.

Competitive Teams: Girls Levels 2-10

Spring Hill Gymnastics also fields competitive teams for girls. Our competitive teams have won many trophies and banners that are proudly displayed in the lobby and on the walls of our gym. Many of our boys and girls team members have qualified for and won State, Regional and National meets at their various levels. We are very proud of the efforts and sportsmanship shown by our team.

What to Wear

Girls should wear a leotard or shorts with a t-shirt (tucked in). Boys wear shorts and a t-shirt (tucked in). All leos and t-shirts can be found in our Pro Shop! For tumbling, bare feet are best. Hair should be pulled back for safety, since long hair interferes with rolling somersaults and twisting skills. Tumbling-cheer students may carry in their clean cheer shoes to wear during class. We ask that no street shoes are worn in the gym. Even clean cheer shoes may not be worn in the pits, foam orresi-pits. Please no gum or jewelry.

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