Spring Hill Gymnastics proudly introduces the AAU/Greater Illinois Junior Olympics (GIJO) Competitive Program

Who: Gymnasts who wish to compete as they train for high school gymnastics and/or gymnasts who wish to compete without the time and financial commitment of USAG competition.

When: Our AAG/GIJO team will have 3 scheduled practices each week. GIJO hours are Monday 5:30-8:30pm, Wednesday 5:30-8 Gymnasts are asked to attend a minimum number of 2 of these practices each week but are welcome and encouraged to attend all 3.

Where: Spring Hill Gymnastics 2750 Pinnacle Dr. #200 Elgin, IL 60124

Why: AAU/ GIJO is perfect for many gymnasts for a number of reasons:

  • AAU/ GIJO is less time demanding that USAG. It allows the girls to participate in other school sports and activities without breaking commitments or feeling guilty.
  • AAU/GIJO gives gymnasts the opportunity to train their optional skills for high school competition when they might not be ready for optional levels under USAG regulations and guidelines.
  • AAU/GIJO gives gymnasts who are thinking of giving up gymnastics the opportunity to still enjoy competing in a sport they still love.

Costs involved: Please call for details.