Womens Pre-Team

Mini Hot Shots: These classes are for preschool children that show a natural ability for gymnastics, ages 3-5yrs. These classes stress strength and flexibility while focusing on the development of basic skills and will help develop their natural talents and prepare the children for the next step in the Junior Program.

Hot Shots: These classes are designed for those students that have a natural aptitude for gymnastics, ages 4-6yrs. These classes focus on strength and flexibility, while using drills designed to increase motor skills and spatial / body awareness. This prepares your young athlete to learn and develop the basic skills and beginning elements necessary to compete in the sport of gymnastics. We suggest you come 2 times a week.

TOPs (Girls): (Talent Opportunity Program) This Junior Team class will concentrate on strength, flexibility, and gymnastics for ages 5-7yrs. These children will learn the TOPs training method while learning skills for women’s artistic gymnastics. Mandatory to come 2 times a week, we suggest coming 3 times a week.

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